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Start Gaining Leads & Selling More Cars Through Messenger Today

The 3A Chatbot offers instant, real-time sales conversations for your car dealership 7 days a week, 365-days per year!

Lead prospective car buyers through checking your inventory and even scheduling test-drives with no human interference right within Facebook Messenger & your website.

Our Features

Real-Time Inventory Sync

Once your bot is setup it will automatically sync with your dealership database and keep the car inventory in your messenger bot up to date at all times.

Car Search

Your prospects can search for cars via button filtering & text and your 3A Dealer bot will answer immediately with the car they’re looking for from your inventory.

Admin Notifications

When a prospect requests to speak to a rep from your dealership, your Facebook page admins will immediately be notified via messenger to respond.

On Site 24/7

Your 3A car dealer bot will be on duty 24/7, instantly answering messages sent by potential car buyers.

Book Test Drives

Your prospects will be able to easily book a test drive with your dealership for a specific car.

Lead Generation

Info captured from users who book test drives will be sent to your email (optional CRM integration).

What You Get

A ready to launch bot template built with Chatfuel connected to our proprietary 3A system that seamlessly syncs your bot with your dealer inventory database.

Affordable Pricing


  • No Set-up Fee
  • On-demand Support
  • No Contracts
Buy Subscription
A subscription fee for access to
3a proprietary system to enable key features
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View our demo to see how your 3A Car Dealer bot is used to drive car sales and engage with customers as it pulls data from our demo inventory site.

View Demo


Our demo bot is dragging data in real time from our demo inventory database.

View Inventory


Browse our frequently asked question.

What do I get after purchasing a 3A Lite Car Dealer bot?

A ready to launch bot template built with Chatfuel connected to our proprietary 3A system that seamlessly syncs your bot with your dealer inventory database.

Are there any monthly recurring fees?

Chatbot: There is no fee attached to pay for running your chatbot since Chatfuel is free. You could also upgrade to a PRO starting at $15 per month to remove the Chatfuel branding.

3A Lite: There is a monthly fee of $99 to have access to key features (real time inventory sync etc) powered by our proprietary 3A system.

Can I customise my chatbot?:

Yes. You don’t need to have any programming skills to customise your bot.

What if I need some help after purchasing a bot?

You can get in contact with us at [email protected] for assistance on advanced customisations and development. Please note: in this case additional fees will be applied.

How long will it take to setup & launch my 3A Lite Car Dealer bot?

It would take approximately 2-4 days after initial consultation.

What do I need to get started?

The setup process is simple! All you need is a Facebook Page & A website. Once you Sign Up we will setup everything for you.

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